Checklist for Catering Atlanta Events

When your planning an event, the food is vital to making it successful. There are several things to consider to make sure people not only enjoy the food, but also don’t have a hard time when its time to eat. Obviously you could hire an Atlanta catering company to cater the event, but for those who want to do it themselves consider the following.


The Table Settings

As a caterer, it’s vital that you have all the necessary table settings. The checklist considers both decorative and functional elements. With the right tools and equipment, the event will look stunning and guests will have all they need to eat. Here’s a breakdown of the most important table settings to have on your checklist for an event.

Salad plates
Dinner plates
Bread plates
Fabric or paper napkins
Wine glasses
Water glasses
Sugar holders
Salt and pepper shakers
Equipment for Serving
Unless the event is going to be buffet-style, a good set of serving equipment is essential. The right gear makes it easy distributing food and drinks to the guests of the event. Try to achieve a balance of classy looking and sturdy items for best results.

Bus bins – the plastic tubs that hold dirty dishes and food after people have finished eating. Get several of these.
Serving trays – Trays are necessary for serving all the food, unless the event is to be buffet style.
Water pitchers- Try for durable pitchers that look nice as well. Have enough to keep at least half the servers stocked during the event, because refilling water is a major component of any event.

Equipment for a Buffet

If the event is to be buffet-style, you’ll have a different catering event checklist to consider. It will include all the items to set up, operate and remove a buffet quickly.

Here’s a standard catering buffet checklist.

Tongs – For salads or other difficult to scoop items.
Chafing dishes – To keep food warm throughout the event
Fuel – To power the chafing dishes
Matches or lighter – To start the dish heaters
Plates – Go with sturdy and uniform plates
Serving baskets – To hold fruit, bread and other objects
Rolled silverware – Packed into neat bundles for easy grabbing or passing out
Cutting boards – Used for cutting meats
Cutting knives – To slice up meat
Cutting boards – To hold meats for slicing
Dish cloths – To wipe up inevitable spills
This banquet setup checklist covers all of the most common items required during buffet-style events, but it’s a good idea to think of more specific needs and add them on as well. Try and build up the list entirely before the big day of the event so you’ll be prepared.


Beverage Bar Checklist

A coffee or beverage station is an efficient way to handle drinks for an event, but it must be stocked properly. Here’s a simple catering kitchen equipment list for a beverage bar.

Glasses – For water and soft drinks
Pitchers – Filled with water and ice
Coffee cups
Ice tubs – To hold canned soda or other drinks in containers
Baskets – To hold teas, hot cocoas, sugar and creamer packs
Garbage can – To hold all the wrappers and other drink garbage
Napkins – For spills or to wrap around hot drinks
By following this food and beverage checklist, your team will have everything needed to keep guests from being thirsty.


Preparing for Off-Site Catering

A good catering equipment checklist is even more important when completing an off-sites project. There are less supplies available, and failure to bring the right items could ruin an event. Look over this catering set up checklist closely before each major event just to be sure.

Aluminum foil – To cover and protect food items during transportation.
Hand sanitizer – For keeping hands clean throughout
Garbage bags- To keep dirty napkins and rags in
Insulated containers – Keep food hot or cold by keeping it insulated during transit.
Water jugs – For when no water is available on site
Disposable food containers – For storing all the food for the event
Additional bus tubs – To hold all the dirty dishes to be washed late

If your thinking to yourself, wow that’s a lot of things to do…well yes it is. These are just small quick checklists for general events. More specific events require even more planning to have everything go according to planned. Dogwood Catering has been one of the premier caterers in Atlanta, & we can handle all of your catering needs. Contact us & tell us about your event to get started.

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Catering Events According to Time of Day

When it comes to choosing the right menu options for a catered event, there are many things to consider. Some of which are not always thought through like what time the event is happening in relationship to the type of food being served. This is an opportunity to really blend different options for food selection. To help you plan out what makes the most sense for your event, consider the following types of menu’s.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Menus

The menu should include several pre-packaged meal options and à la carte selections developed by the executive chef or caterer. The approach to the different meals of the day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – are generally unique. Consider the following:


When it comes to breakfast, packaged menus are usually more cost-effective and easier to select, including continental options, hot buffets, and breakfast stations. If you’re offering breakfast prior to the start of the official program, be sure to choose the option that best suits your event’s schedule.

Most caterers offer several lunch buffet options, “working lunch” choices (such as à la carte sandwiches and appropriate sides), and even boxed lunches. Again, the best choice of meal type will be entirely depending on your program’s schedule so consider how much time guests will have to eat.

You always have a choice of packaged dinner buffets or plated dinners, and both can offer a choice of three to five courses. This is where you will find items that reflect the executive chef’s personal preferences and is also generally a time to let the food shine.

Break Foods and Reception Menus

When it comes to planning the food at an event, the planning is not always limited to three square meals. In fact, many multi-day conferences require catering planning beyond breakfast, lunch, and dinner perhaps during scheduled breaks or breakfast and cocktail receptions.

The executive chef or caterer may present you with several more pre-packaged meal options as well as à la carte selections:

Break Items: If your budget can afford it, theme breaks are always more interesting than standard beverages and snacks.
Receptions: Most caterers offer à la carte options for passed chilled and hot hors-d’oeuvres and hosted bar reception packages (charged hourly per person or on consumption). They also may offer cold and hot platter stations as well as dessert stations.

The Big Dinner Question: Buffet or Plated?

Regardless of the meal in consideration, I’ve encountered numerous situations when the management team hosting an event has requested the wrong format for serving a meal. The following time considerations should serve as a good guide to determine how best to serve the meal:


Plated meals require at least 1.5 hours, if not 2 hours, of agenda time to properly serve and clean the room. Plated meal service is most commonly used for dinner and relaxed senior executive meetings.

Try to allow up to 1 hour of agenda time for any buffet meal. Buffets are a great format for breakfast and lunch.
Passed Items:

While a great option for hors-d’oeuvres, passing serving is typically only used during receptions.

Special Needs Considerations

Last, but not least of the menu planning considerations is taking into account special dietary needs. It is critical to incorporate and notify your catering manager about any special requests and needs that your guests may have, including, but not limited to:

Food allergies

Religious requirements
Other dietary restrictions
The only way to know about such special needs is to ask, and the only way to plan for them is to discuss them with your catering professional as soon as possible.

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Essentials of Working with A Wedding Caterer

When your looking to secure the perfect wedding catering company in Atlanta, there are some essentials that are a must to make sure everything is done in a professional manner. To help you get a jump start, here are some tips to help you find the perfect catering company for your special day.


Communicate Effectively to The Caterers

One of the most overlooked things is thinking through what you actually want & not necessarily letting the catering company decide everything for you. This could be deciding what types of catering set up you want, or picking a certain type of food theme. This helps you to avoid missed opportunities to create memorable experiences for the bride/groom & your guests.

One example of this is the first meal as bride & groom. You may want this to be something truly special that you’ll always remember for years to come. It could be something unique that you don’t eat often so it is always an event the next time you eat it, or you may want it to be something simple that you eat often that can serve as a reminder of your commitment to each other. Regardless of which kind of meal you pick, try to be thoughtful of this when speaking with the caterer.


Don’t Forget Your Little Guests

If there are going to be children at the reception, don’t forget to consider having smaller tables with different setups that are child friendly. Let the catering company know that there are going to be children at the event & what if any changes there should be for their food selections. You may even consider having a completely different sectioned off area where all the children are seated to avoid any accidents or errors with menu’s & anyone grabbing the wrong type of drinks. Another thing to keep in mind is any special circumstances like vegans, older guests, or allergies. Make sure these things are considered to avoid any confusion or mishaps later.


Define Your Budget – Know Your Guests

You should already know what you can afford to feed you & your guests. Once you’ve defined this, don’t go to far outside of this budget & provide as much details about how your guest may consume the menu. Once the catering company has insightful details, they can suggest the best way of feeding your guest to help you stay in budget. For instance, if your guest are prone to eating larger than normal portions, you may want to consider having a plated menu style. With a plated menu style you can make sure there is no opportunity for guest to take more than their portion, but at the same time everyone is guaranteed a plate.

This is key in making sure you don’t run out of food. Although the catering company has experience in planning some extra’s, this does not include guests getting seconds, thirds or more than a normal sized portion. The biggest thing to consider is properly communicating the eating habits of your guests to the catering company. If you know your guest may bring additional people with them, or your event is going to run long, let the caterer know this. This way if your guest are going to eat, then maybe dance, eat again, then take a plate with them; this needs to be communicated & priced accordingly. This simple communication is key to having a great wedding.



The main take away is to remember you know your guests better than the catering company. You know what you envision for your wedding & how integral the food is to it’s success. Clearly communicate your expectations from the beginning & ask very specific questions on how they handle different scenarios that may come up. Think through how the food is going to be eaten over the span of the wedding reception, & how you want to present each course. The catering company is responsible for bringing your food vision to life in the most delicious & professional manner. With this in mind they have to have clear direction on from you. Hopefully this helps you along your path to the most memorable & special day.


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Catering Services Set Up Options

So your going to hire a catering services company, but your not sure what you need for your event. That is a common problem people find themselves having after they have reached out to the company & get asked “what you like to have at your event?” We’re going to help you out by providing some of the common types of set ups Atlanta catering companies can provide.


Plated Service Style

This type of set up is when each of your guest get a plated meal. This is ideal for formal events like celebrations, graduations, corporate events, etc. This is also the perfect formula for official speeches or presentations. The guests sit relatively still at the table and focus their attention on the speaker. You select this set-up if you want your guests to be able to have deeper conversations with each other and network on a smaller scale. A drawback is that you can only offer your guests a limited menu choice. You had also better select a sufficiently spacious location. Nothing can ruin a dinner like being packed like sardines in an overcrowded and hot hall. You do, however, need some space to put the tables and to give the waiters some room to move around. Also bear in mind that this is often the most expensive formula.


Buffet Style

This set up is when the caterers set up a buffet style layout where the guest can pick from a variety of food options. For bigger events on which guests arrive at different times, a buffet is the best formula. This is perfect for providing a variety of dishes and that your guests choose themselves, in accordance with their diet: vegetarian, gluten-free, low-fat… An important item is the service: make sure the queues don’t become too long. Ensure that there are sufficient buffet tables where your guests can line up along two sides. In order to improve the network, you had best provide various eating spaces: a couple of tables with chairs, combined with high chairs and several cozy lounge corners.


Hors D’oeuvres

This formula offers two advantages. Your guests don’t have to move in order to retrieve their food. They can calmly talk on while the waiters walk around to provide them their food. Also you can perfectly manage your budget, because you can decide the amount of food to serve. Depending on the timing of your event, you can provide food which fills your guests up or doesn’t. There may be types of events where you don’t want your guest to get full & start the get sleepy. This is especially the case for more formal events that have someone speaking. Also this makes sure that they can easily eat their food with one hand (only a fork or a spoon) if other interaction is required. This is the perfect formula if your participants want to network to the fullest.


Working With Event Planners Or Venues

If your working with event planners or a particular venue they may already have a relationship with the catering company & can help make your event truly special through collaborative planning. Keep these tips in mind when planning your next event & you’ll have an enjoyable time.

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Atlanta Wedding Catering Companies – How To Pick

If your planning a wedding in Atlanta, you know there are a lot of moving parts that need to come together perfectly. Besides making sure the bride & groom have the most amazing day possible, somebody has to cater to the guests appetite. Not only do you have to feed your guests, the food is usually one of the most talked about things of every wedding.

To make sure you have the best experience for your special day. Keep in mind these helpful pointers.


Where You Should Start Looking for an Atlanta Wedding Catering Company

Everybody already knows they can search online, but what really matters is being able to validate if the food was actually delicious.

That comes from asking previous customers of the catering company, reading reviews, & comparing pricing.

One thing that is great about Dogwood Catering Company is they have customized pricing & can work with you to do tastings, plan the menu, & make special accommodations available for your guests.

Find out if the catering company has experience working with different venues. This way if you are having your event at a venue, the catering company is already familiar with the facility, staff, & location.


Tips for When You Make The Appointment

When you call & talk to the catering company, try to schedule tastings as part of the initial meeting if possible. At a minimum have in mind what you may want served at your wedding, so the caterer can give you an idea for pricing options.

See if you can get a rough estimate based on the expected number of guests, menu type selection, and if there are any additional charges for serving alcohol.

Lastly ask questions about meal presentation, & catering staff attire. This way you are aware of how to coordinate the dress of the wait staff and match the cutlery to the overall theme of your wedding.

Hopefully these small tips give you a head start & getting you to that wonderful day.

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Best Catering Ideas For Social Events

When you are hosting an event, there are a lot of things that need to be planned. So to make it easier the first thing that you need to do is get the whole things organized. Once you have chalked out each segment of planning it becomes very easy to manage the whole event. Responsibilities need to be divided among the people you have in your team. Good teamwork always makes the best events whether it is a house party or a commercial one. It is usually easier to have a caterer manage the cooking & presentation of the food for the event. This will ensure an enjoyable party without any lacking in any department of the event.

For every event, the main priority becomes the food. Yes, when you have a delectable platter of culinary delights you know, you can please your guests very easily. So while you are arranging a party at your home, make sure that you choose the perfect dishes for your guests. Food can be theme based as it happens nowadays. If it is a birthday party and you have a theme of a fairy tale, then you can order for foods like cupcakes, pretzels, cookies and other finger foods.
Apart from that adults can have cocktail parties where spicy and sumptuous finger foods are quite relished by the guests. The main course is a tricky thing, and you should choose it wisely to avoid wastage. Keep in mind the preference must be given to your guest, and every possible thing must be included to meet their expectation.

What will be the best option?

Depending on the size of your event you can decide whether to cook yourself or go for a professional catering service. It would be recommended that when you are inviting guests to a party, you should contact a bespoke professional event catering service from your area. One of the best things about hiring a professional service is that you do not need to work extra hours and get the best food on the table. After all your guests must love the food, you are serving. A great culinary delight is always appreciated by anyone, and it is surely going to impress your guests as well. Make your party a great success and an event that everyone would love to remember and look for some more of it. So get in touch with the best catering services now.

To find the best caterer is a big challenge but you can minimize this effort if you follow some simple guideline while choosing the caterer in your area.

You must check out the years of experience they have in their specialized field. And you must go with the experience to ensure the best service. Never get carried away with the low price and vice versa. Do check out the feedback of the company and then only take the final decision.
For the best price, you need to check out the 4-5 service provider and check their official website for detail information.
So, keep these valuable points in your mind and enjoy happening party with your valuable guest.

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Advantages of Hiring an Event Catering Company

Hiring catering for an event is always a good idea. A professional Event Catering Company can make your next family gathering or company party a success. Knowing what to look for in business helps you find a food specialist who is ready to cater your event. Whether you are preparing a dinner party, a wedding, a business event or any other kind of private party, you can use the help of a caterer. By hiring the right Event Catering Company to take care of the food and drinks, all that shopping and cooking, you can save a lot of time and energy.

Hiring an Event Catering Company is something we usually think about for a big event, like a wedding. But there are lots of other times you can get great results from using an Event Catering Company to provide food for your event. Caterers have experience with all kinds of different events, so they can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Use an Event Catering Company to provide food for your important meeting or presentation. It adds a touch of class and professionalism to any important meeting if you provide food that is delicious and also arranged nicely. There is a huge difference in how people will perceive a professionally put together refreshment table versus a cold cut tray from a supermarket. And most caterers can set up everything before your meeting and then never bother you while the meeting is in session. You simply walk into a beautifully assembled refreshment table and when you leave, it will be broken down and removed for you. This is a great way to help make any presentation be received more openly.

Use an Event Catering Company to provide food for a party at home. Most caterers offer trays of food that you can order from them and then pick up and take home. This is a perfect way to buy food for a party at your house. You can buy snacks and cold cuts for a football game or buy an elaborate appetizer course that your guests can enjoy while you’re cooking the main courses for a dinner party. A caterer can provide thoughtfully designed food trays at a reasonable price, and it will be an entirely different selection than you’re able to either make yourself or buy at a supermarket.

Ask a caterer to help you with a romantic rendezvous. Imagine being able to pick up a gourmet picnic basket and then surprising your partner with a romantic picnic lunch. A caterer is a perfect person to be able to assemble a gourmet picnic basket that both of you will always remember. Or they could provide you with an elegant and romantic dinner for two in a surprising location. If working late keeps you two apart, take the romantic candlelight dinner to her and surprise her. Remember, your caterer is a professional who has tons of experience creating perfect dinners. And most of them are very affordable, not much more than a nice dinner at a restaurant.

In our busy and fast-paced world, using a caterer can be a great way to create an elegant food setting wherever you happen to be. Hiring a caterer is no longer just for weddings and graduation parties; they can create the perfect menu for whatever it is you’re doing. And that perfect food is the first step to creating a lasting impression.

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Top Catering Options for a Wedding

When choosing wedding catering options for your special day, you can make things fun by opting for a few more interesting features than the standard wedding food usually includes. Any beautifully traditional wedding can be made even more unforgettable by adding unique catering options that will have all your guests remembering the day fondly for years to come. Here are some of the popular catering options for weddings.

Fantastic Fountains

One of the most aesthetically appealing and luxurious ways to enjoy a delicious treat is to dip it in a flowing fountain. Fountains of cheese or chocolate are instantly visually impressive, and they are something that will be enjoyed throughout the party. There are a lot of various directions you can take with a fountain. Fruits, cookies, marshmallows, and cake are all favorites for chocolate fountains, whereas vegetables, meats, and bread are great for cheese fountains. All of these items can be arranged in a variety of displays, which will look simply incredible next to the already impressive fountain

Buffet Style

For larger events, many times catering companies offer a buffet style meal. This works well when the number of guests is a little uncertain. You may have some idea of how many are going to be there, but not down to the specific number. Here guests go down a line of tables and make their choices from some of the things you have chosen to have out. Here each guest gets what they want and they can choose to eat more or less than you may have expected.

Set Menu

In some cases, especially more formal events, a catering company may have a set menu with a soup/salad, appetizer and entree. For weddings, the cake is typically the desert, however other desserts can be ordered as well. Each person receives the same meal and is served each part of it at the same time as all of the other guests. While this is typically more expensive that the above options, it does make it a little easier to have everyone getting the same thing.

Guest’s Choice

Some wedding invitations allow guests to choose which meal they would like to have. There may be two main choices and a vegetarian choice to try and make sure that all guests are getting what they want. In this case, it is important to get the catering company the exact number of guests and the specific meal numbers so that they can prepare. Many times, they also prepare extra of both just in case some type of issue arrives.

Now matter what type of event you are having, it is important to let the catering company know how many guests you expect to attend. You don’t want to pay for more food than you need and you really don’t want to run out of food. You can meet with a representative of the company and talk to them about how much it will cost as well as how to determine how much food to arrange for.

A wedding you truly enjoy will be a combination of meaningful customs and your unique tastes, joining together to form a perfectly unforgettable day

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3 Excellent Lunch Ideas for Corporate Catering

If you want to host a corporate party, then you should start planning well in advance. What’s more, you must also pick a corporate catering service provider with extra care. Most caterers already have ready to serve menus but it is a good idea to work with them to make sure that the right kind of food is served at the event. Depending on the number of people who are going to attend the event you will have to pick from different types of food. For breakfast, dinner and lunch you will need to choose different types of food.

When choosing a corporate catering service provider you must also make it a point to pick a menu that suits a particular kind of event. What’s more, you will also need to choose different menus to suit different kinds of events. In fact, you also need to choose foods according to the time of day when the food is to be served.

For a lunch corporate gathering, you should serve a decent plate of mixed greens. Moreover, make sure to serve distinctive shop meats and in addition cheeses. New foods grown from the ground and a decent vegetable plate with flavorful plunges are additionally worth adding to the lunch providing food menu. For dessert, for what reason not serve frozen yogurt sundaes and different delightful sweet things? You ought to likewise oblige the necessities of vegan visitors. For them, you should serve distinctive vegetable dishes and furthermore make certain to serve diverse light chicken dishes.

Corporate catering is an easy way to provide meals that everybody will be happy with on any possible budget. For groups of any size there are corporate caterers who are more than willing to fill the most unique or special order. Contacting any local corporate caterers will help you determine a more exact price-range as there are many variables that need to be considered. Most of the food package options come with a buffet-style of serving or have a variety of dishes being offered which will appeal to even the pickiest people. Employees and clients will be very impressed by the elaborate catering set-up provided by corporate catering companies instead of a regular lunch or restaurant setting.

While there are many aspects of corporate catering to understand, it’s not hard to determine what it is you’re striving to achieve with the event you need catered and what you want the desired outcome to be. Professional caterers will work exclusively with you to provide you with a quality service and a great finished product. Any catering dream can be fulfilled with the right corporate catering companies.

If you are exposed to a newly-appointed or modified role/task related to corporate catering and events, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the ins-and-outs of the catering market. Hiring a corporate catering company will allow you to provide high-quality and affordable meals to your employees or clients without the hassle of booking and visiting a restaurant. Caterers will need to be committed to consistently creating high-quality food that will satisfy the senses. The most important aspects of corporate catering are the standard of services that are being offered and the high attention to detail. Each company has something different and unique to offer so it’s important to research them and find which best suits your needs and budget.

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Wedding Catering Services-Why They Save You a Bunch of Time

Weddings are memorable event in life because they may only happen once in a person’s lifetime. When having a wedding, there are many guests at the event. The struggles of planning for a wedding may be so immense to overwhelming levels. This is especially so if you are hosting guests who only eat special types of food. Determining the menu, purchasing what to prepare for guests and serving your guests may take a lot of time. However, hiring professional wedding catering services may go a long way in ensuring you spend the least time possible. You are also able to sit back and enjoy the wedding.

Some of the ways in which wedding catering services will help you save a bunch of time are explained below:

They find it easy to determine the menu

Imagine a scenario where you have to move from one grocery store to the next to purchase the various items that will be cooked in your wedding. This would be time consuming, right? With those that provide professional catering services, they have the experience to choose a menu that will impress all the guests in your wedding. All you have to do is guide them on the caliber of guests that you will be hosting.

What is more? They are also able to create custom-made diets for guests who may be having special needs such as gluten-free diets and fancy desserts.

Can conveniently prepare food for a large group of guests

The wedding will most likely be having 50 or more guests. You may never have prepared food for such a group of people. Doing so for the first time may not only be time-consuming, but you may also end up preparing food that your guests will not be happy about. Wedding catering service providers have the experience to prepare food that will be satisfactory to the guests you are going to have in your wedding. In addition, there will not be excess leftovers that may end up being wasted. This is very advantageous to you.

Moreover, they also do after-wedding clean up. This means that you will not have to spend your time cleaning up after your wedding. You can, therefore, begin enjoying your honeymoon immediately.

Bring additional expertise in handling food and guests

There is a very high probability you do not have adequate equipment and special utensils required to handle food that can be enough for many guests in your wedding. These include pots, ovens, trays and special pans. Looking for such items may waste your time and also cost you a lot of money. What makes it worse is that you may not need these items after the wedding. Those who provide wedding catering services usually come with their own items saving you the struggle to buy your own.

They also have personnel that know how to make your guests comfortable. You do not have to spend your time assessing how comfortable your guests are.

You have time to enjoy the Wedding

Serving many guests may be a very exhausting experience. It also needs a lot of time as you need to pay attention to their requirements. Wedding catering services gets this responsibility off your shoulder. You then have time to enjoy the wedding to your satisfaction.


Wedding catering services can go a long way in saving you valuable time. However, you must choose a catering company with a wealth of reputation and has been proven to provide the best services in order to enjoy these benefits.

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